A systematic series to clear at all levels…

Spectrum Healing teaches a human how to diagnose and clear themselves, using a database called the path. The goal is the reveal an individual’s current blocks and the information they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Emotional and mental blocks are cleared one level at a time — first at a soul level, then mental, emotional, physical, environmental, and so on. Root causes are located, and the subject is given a simple, effective tool to clear themselves permanently.

Helpful information is gathered such as — which foods to eat, what is toxic, what is your ideal form of exercise, etc — are also uncovered. when integrated, one feels immediately more grounded and clear.

Starting in October through December, Spectrum Healing creator, Hayley Starr will be sharing the first 3 levels of the system to those ready to learn a simple tool to heal themselves and others.

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