There are a million roads to enlightenment…The Path will find yours.

The Path is a database of information along with the technology to navigate it. The system is designed to diagnose, clear and integrate the next most important piece of information, for you, now.

In 2017, Hayley Starr began to download a new system — the sum total of every modality, practice, and technique she’d studied up until that point. Starr believes that ultimately only you can, and should, heal yourself. over the past 15 months, she has built and tested the system on nearly 100 humans, with miraculous results.

The downloads and construction are expected to complete in 2019… and be made available to all! Before retreating to nature to receive the final instructions, Hayley will be teaching beginners classes of Spectrum Healing (the systematic application of the path) in weekly classes held at her space in Venice, Ca. Click here for more information.

Thank you for your interest.

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