A systematic series to clear at all levels…

Spectrum Healing teaches a human how to diagnose and clear themselves, using a database called the path. The goal is the reveal an individual’s current blocks and the information they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Emotional and mental blocks are cleared one level at a time — first at a soul level, then mental, emotional, physical, environmental, and so on. Root causes are located, and the subject is given a simple, effective tool to clear themselves permanently.

Helpful information is gathered such as — which foods to eat, what is toxic, what is your ideal form of exercise, etc — are also uncovered. when integrated, one feels immediately more grounded and clear.

Starting in October through December, Spectrum Healing creator, Hayley Starr will be sharing the first 3 levels of the system to those ready to learn a simple tool to heal themselves and others.

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The #1 reason we use Earth-friendly opals is so as not to deplete Nature of her resources. Hayley Starr uses her Spectrum Healing technique to program powerful intentions associated with each shape. This powerful magic can be felt by those who wear them!

Because they are rare, natural opals are extremely expensive. Earth-friendly opals are more affordable and allow more people to experience the magnificence of this stone.

These opals are cut from silica and grown in a laboratory, mimicking Nature’s process, taking over a year to grow and "come into their colors”. No two are ever the same!

Natural opals are known for their fragility and break easily under pressure or heat. This slow growth results in a similar structure and material balance as natural precious opals, but with increased durability and structural stability. Making them far less vulnerable to breakage!