I cry each and every single time I read this poem.

I wrote it while visiting a dear sister in Portland. While she was out, I sat in her beautiful home, was inspired to write… and out this came. I’m not usually a poet, nor do I aim to rhyme when I write. Apparently my Highest Self does! This particular piece felt like a note straight from her. She was reminding me and recalibrating me to the truth of who I am, where I come from, and why I’m here.

On this Earth plane, we easily forget. The societal system was designed to confuse, disconnect, and disempower the individual. Imagine what would happen if humanity remembered? If you knew you were created from Light. If you remembered your mission. If you recalled we are all one and that there is no ‘other’. You would be fully empowered and live a life of peace.

Your peace wouldn’t condone wars. Your Love of your body wouldn’t sell products. Your immortality wouldn’t buy pharmaceuticals. Your freedom wouldn’t stand for borders.

There is another reason that Humanity suffers from amnesia: because if you remembered everything, the Life Game wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Our existence is like a puzzle, and we spend our lives searching for the correct pieces. Lifetime after lifetime we collect more and more experiences, emotions, thoughts, memories, friendships, hardships and so forth… Each creates the beautiful tapestry for your soul’s work of art… its masterpiece.

Read this, as I do, in the moments you forget these truths. Just come right back to the poem’s page, bookmark it, and read it again and again. Reprogram the Truth. Know that you have legions of spirits cheering you on. It may seem that it was written for children, and it IS for them too, but it’s really for the child inside each adult who’s forgotten how to live and to play.

Please be re-minded.

Love You,

Hayley Starr