I Am You

I made a discovery in my practice today. I added the words ‘I am you” to my daily invocation of energies, and felt an immediate shift. I knew it had to be shared when The Path (a system I’m creating/testing to help each person find their most efficient path) led me to ‘teach what I’d learned’. The incredible high has lasted all day, so I now know it’s worth sharing!

Why does this series of words ‘work’? Because we are One, and remembering this truth is a shortcut to happiness. See yourself in the eyes of each person, landscape and creation. We are all peering out of the same trillion-eyed organism. When you say the words “I am you” you are re-calibrating to this memory through the powerful vibration of word and intention.

Why invoke? So much is happening on the energetic plane, that it's just good sense to ask for guidance, help, and support. The coolest part is that it really doesn't matter whether you believe... it's simply more powerful if you do!

For those interested, below is a portion of my morning invocation. Take it! Use it! Adopt it! What’s mine is yours.


Hayley Starr

(Recite each 3x)

“Creator, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.

Divine Archangels, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.

Teachers, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.

Ancestors, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.

Personal Teams of Guides, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.

Earth, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.

The 5 Elements, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.

The 5 Directions, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.

Earth’s Creatures, I thank You, I Love You, I am You.”

I am you.jpg


Psychics control their emphatic skills through intention, meditation, visualization, and protection. One of the best ways for an empath to protect yourself is to imagine a rainbow of colored layers surrounding your heart…

Begin with a layer of red around the heart, then a layer of orange around that, then a layer of yellow, then green, blue, indigo, violet, and then a layer of white light surrounding all the layers around your heart.

Visualize the same layers surrounding your body, starting with a layer of red closest to your body, then each layer of color around that, and finally a large bubble of white light surrounding all the layers of color around your body. This is the most effective way for an empath to protect themselves, and to still allow others to get close to them to varying degrees. You can visualize these rainbows around your own heart and your own body, and you can also visualize these rainbows around the heart and body of your soul mate - or you can share this with her so she can visualize this emphatic protection for herself.

color meditation.jpg


This is a simple, yet profound healing practice to clear, heal and balance the chakras. When the chakra system is functioning well, we enjoy great health, joy, and abundance.   

Chant each mantra out loud three times while visualizing the associated color.

The mantras for each are as follows, in ascending order:

Root (red) - iam

Sacral (orange) - vam

Solar plexus (yellow) - ram

Heart (green) - yam

Throat (blue) - ham

Third eye (indigo) - sam

Crown (violet) - ksham

(Note: the “a” sound is pronounced like the ‘u’ in ‘sum’)

chakra cleansing exercise.jpg


This request empowers you to stop receiving or feeding energy to negative or disruptive thought forms whether self-generated or directed by others.

“Divine Creator, Divine Archangels, My personal team of Guides, Teachers, and Angels...(3 x’s each)

Please dissipate any energy and/or negative thought forms created by myself or others.

Please instruct my subconscious to stop feeding energy to any thought form that would be untrue or detrimental to my being.

Please assist me in coming more fully into my path of Creator Truth, Creator Love and Creator Manifesting.

In the highest good of All...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

dissipating enegery & negative thought forms.jpg


Cord tying is a mechanism of protection to help you better manage your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy.

Cords are energetic strands of energy that form consciously and unconsciously with people and objects regardless of time and space. The first cord that is ever created is the one to our mother when we were conceived, then at birth, our umbilical cord is severed and we begin a life of establishing invisible yet potent energy cords with the world that surrounds us.

Awareness of your cords is an important tool that can help you better understand your relationship to yourself, others and the world  & cord tying is a simple yet profound technique to protect and manage your energy.

Why tie your energetic cords?

Creates a shield of protection from the outside world

Helps you manage your energy

Protects you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually from outside influence

Allows you to keep your center

Help you create a buffer between your core and the outside world

how to tie the energetic cords.jpg

Allows you to share fully without fear of losing yourself


Imagine there are two cords coming from the navel

Hold one in each hand

Loop them behind the back

Using your imagination pass them through the point right behind the navel on the spinal column

Pass them through the spine into the navel once again

Pull the cord through

Tie them to the front of your navel


Releases old programs of doubt, fear, guilt or reservation allowing you to choose freely.


1. Read each night for 21 nights just before retiring. If you miss a night, you can begin again. Light a white candle, focus and read aloud.  
2. Saying the words “Release and Clear” every night thereafter, will activate the program if its entirety within your subconscious.

“ So relaxed… so relaxed… slowly drifting into a most satisfying state of relaxation. Relaxation is good for me… I release every last ounce of useless tension as I rest contentedly, to awaken when I must, refreshed and invigorated. I am alive with the feeling of freedom, of promise, of exhilarating positive expectation. My mind is clear, my body recharged and my past deactivated and left behind me… As I relax I release every unhappy experience of the past… and everything connected with each of those experiences. I find it easy to let them go… I am part of life… as are we all… and we all move, live and think as we have the right to. Life goes on and so do I… growing rich in experience… and in capacity to achieve. My positive experiences supply me with a directness to meet the challenges of my life. All I must do is use the amazing power of my subconscious mind… I am using that capacity now to disengage me from every negative, destructive and harmful impression ever made upon me. They fade… fade… fade out of my life forever. I am grateful and thankful for every experience of the past… I now forgive myself for every mistake I have ever made, and I forgive everyone else who may have in any way harmed me… I know that out of each experience… as I understand it… good must surely come to me. I forgive myself for every mistake because I know that each mistake is a stepping stone to greater understanding… to greater opportunity and to greater achievement. I grow stronger with each experience and I am stronger than anything life can offer. I am preparing myself to meet life’s challenges directly… free of negative conditioning. I am more than any challenge for I possess the power and the ability to channel any experience into a rich and rewarding way of life.

I now fully release the past and all its effects upon me. I am free… free… free of the past… free to be me… entirely… I accept myself completely. I am a valuable and talented human being. I am always aware of my innate worth.

There are things to be done by me… that are done better by me than by any other human being. Every word, every movement, every gesture of mine preserves my unique stamp on life. For as long as time has been… or ever shall be… there is no one who can exactly duplicate me. I am pleased… I accept myself… I love myself… I am grateful for my new level of understanding. My acceptance releases me from negative self-dislike… and so I am now free to change that which must be changed… to improve that which can be improved… to let go of that which is inhibiting or destructive. My self-acceptance now enables me to accept everyone else. I accept myself… I accept others as they are… I accept even those who are unacceptable as unacceptable and go on my way. I bestow upon others my affection… true and unencumbered. In my imagination… I see them having all the good I desire for myself. What I desire for myself, I also desire for everyone else. I have fulfilled my nature. I have supplied myself with those priceless qualities and feelings of acceptance, Love, and forgiveness and so I now have them to give. I give them freely. I feel the warmth and excitement of building a new and rewarding life. A firm, quiet sense of self-love and self-determination dominates my every waking and sleeping hour. I am ready to release and do so this night… Clear… Clear… Clear.”


It is widely believed that if you think and/or say something positive, with enough consistency and conviction, that it will come true. If so, then why does it only work some of the time? In reading Afformations by Noah St. John I learned that when you make a statement that isn’t yet factual such as “I have so much money!” a little nagging voice replies “Um, no you don’t!” and the truth trumps your intention.

Try asking yourself a question you don’t yet know the answer to. What happens? You search for the answer, and if you don’t find it, you often can’t stop thinking about it till you do. That’s because your mind, brain and subconscious are like a supercomputer designed to search memory banks and surroundings for the answers.

Sometimes we ask our self negative questions like “Why am I so broke?” “Why am I alone? Why does my job suck?”. Your brain says: “I don’t know why? Let’s find all the ways to answer that question” and your subconscious creates negative experiences and feelings to continue to support your negative question.

Nooow, when you ask yourself a positive question like “Why am I so Loved?” Or “Why is it so easy for me to make money?” Your brain searches again, only this time it doesn’t have the answer and now turns it focus to try and validate what you’ve asked.

The results are that you begin attracting opportunities, people and new ideas to support the positive question. It becomes easier to make choices that support your goal, because your internal systems want nothing more than to get that question answered!

Advice: Start asking questions. Replace your statements and negative questions with positive questions like:  Why am I so healthy? Why is life so easy? Why is it so easy to make friends? Adding the word ‘easy’ instructs your subconscious to make the process to your goal an easy one.


It is very possible to be adversely affected by negativity directed toward you by others. We are taught on this planet that when someone gives you something, you are supposed to receive it. It’s almost an instinctive behavior to receive what is offered even if we don’t want it.

Our dimension works on the principle of magnetism. When negativity is directed there must be a polarity that pulls it. If you depolarize the magnetism of receptivity to all negativity sent to you if you stop that magnet from working, then others can send you whatever they like, but it will not as easily connect to or affect you.

Do this simple prayer request to empower yourself to no longer receive energies that are not in your highest good and not sent in Creator Love. This prayer request may just need to be said once to close the door on receiving negativity, or you may say it as often as you wish.

Tap your thymus gland (on your chest midway between your throat and heart) to activate your Godspark. Then say each name three times:

“Divine Creator, Divine Archangels, My personal team of Guides, Teachers, and Angels ...(3 x’s each)

Please assist me in closing the door on receiving any energies directed at me that are not in Creator Love and Creator Truth. I ask that no part of me receive what is directed out of the negativity, misguidance or interference of others.

disallowing negativity directed by others.jpg


“Unhappiness is the perceived gap between your expectations and reality.”

You have a desire, and when it doesn’t go the way you thought it should, you’re sad. Because every expectation you imposed, in the form of a thought, created conditions that restricted what was trying to come through. There was a divine plan, and you got in the way. Now you’re sad.

The mind is ideally meant for processing incoming information from your higher consciousness, and only meant to run 10% of the show. Yet in our recent human development, we’ve had to adjust to the massive amount of incoming information, and the mind is out of control.

Everything you see was once a thought. Thoughts create invisible, yet measurable, energy (scientifically proven, not spiritual jargon). The entire world around us is also made up of energy. Does is not then make sense that your thoughts are creating your current reality?

I met a magical Spanish woman named Eva Lobo who has developed a system to teach children to stay present. She explained that all thoughts are based on 5 memory hard disks: intention, fantasy, culture, what is heard by others, and your own reminded experiences. They are all fake and fragmented knowledge that aren’t useful to filter the present moment.

She went on to explain that Intuition is a gift from Source that can only come through a quiet mind. The quickest way to lose this gift is to layer thoughts and expectations of how, when, why or through whom it should arrive. Each of these thoughts creates dis-resonance and energetically pulls the goal further away from you.

Advice: If you have a wish/goal/desire take 3 minutes a day to use your imagination to see, experience, and feel gratitude for it… then let it go and move on with your day! Do nothing to force it. You will soon be given an opportunity to make a choice that aligns with the vision. Make that choice! It’s that simple.