Releases old programs of doubt, fear, guilt or reservation allowing you to choose freely.


1. Read each night for 21 nights just before retiring. If you miss a night, you can begin again. Light a white candle, focus and read aloud.  
2. Saying the words “Release and Clear” every night thereafter, will activate the program if its entirety within your subconscious.

“ So relaxed… so relaxed… slowly drifting into a most satisfying state of relaxation. Relaxation is good for me… I release every last ounce of useless tension as I rest contentedly, to awaken when I must, refreshed and invigorated. I am alive with the feeling of freedom, of promise, of exhilarating positive expectation. My mind is clear, my body recharged and my past deactivated and left behind me… As I relax I release every unhappy experience of the past… and everything connected with each of those experiences. I find it easy to let them go… I am part of life… as are we all… and we all move, live and think as we have the right to. Life goes on and so do I… growing rich in experience… and in capacity to achieve. My positive experiences supply me with a directness to meet the challenges of my life. All I must do is use the amazing power of my subconscious mind… I am using that capacity now to disengage me from every negative, destructive and harmful impression ever made upon me. They fade… fade… fade out of my life forever. I am grateful and thankful for every experience of the past… I now forgive myself for every mistake I have ever made, and I forgive everyone else who may have in any way harmed me… I know that out of each experience… as I understand it… good must surely come to me. I forgive myself for every mistake because I know that each mistake is a stepping stone to greater understanding… to greater opportunity and to greater achievement. I grow stronger with each experience and I am stronger than anything life can offer. I am preparing myself to meet life’s challenges directly… free of negative conditioning. I am more than any challenge for I possess the power and the ability to channel any experience into a rich and rewarding way of life.

I now fully release the past and all its effects upon me. I am free… free… free of the past… free to be me… entirely… I accept myself completely. I am a valuable and talented human being. I am always aware of my innate worth.

There are things to be done by me… that are done better by me than by any other human being. Every word, every movement, every gesture of mine preserves my unique stamp on life. For as long as time has been… or ever shall be… there is no one who can exactly duplicate me. I am pleased… I accept myself… I love myself… I am grateful for my new level of understanding. My acceptance releases me from negative self-dislike… and so I am now free to change that which must be changed… to improve that which can be improved… to let go of that which is inhibiting or destructive. My self-acceptance now enables me to accept everyone else. I accept myself… I accept others as they are… I accept even those who are unacceptable as unacceptable and go on my way. I bestow upon others my affection… true and unencumbered. In my imagination… I see them having all the good I desire for myself. What I desire for myself, I also desire for everyone else. I have fulfilled my nature. I have supplied myself with those priceless qualities and feelings of acceptance, Love, and forgiveness and so I now have them to give. I give them freely. I feel the warmth and excitement of building a new and rewarding life. A firm, quiet sense of self-love and self-determination dominates my every waking and sleeping hour. I am ready to release and do so this night… Clear… Clear… Clear.”