It is very possible to be adversely affected by negativity directed toward you by others. We are taught on this planet that when someone gives you something, you are supposed to receive it. It’s almost an instinctive behavior to receive what is offered even if we don’t want it.

Our dimension works on the principle of magnetism. When negativity is directed there must be a polarity that pulls it. If you depolarize the magnetism of receptivity to all negativity sent to you if you stop that magnet from working, then others can send you whatever they like, but it will not as easily connect to or affect you.

Do this simple prayer request to empower yourself to no longer receive energies that are not in your highest good and not sent in Creator Love. This prayer request may just need to be said once to close the door on receiving negativity, or you may say it as often as you wish.

Tap your thymus gland (on your chest midway between your throat and heart) to activate your Godspark. Then say each name three times:

“Divine Creator, Divine Archangels, My personal team of Guides, Teachers, and Angels ...(3 x’s each)

Please assist me in closing the door on receiving any energies directed at me that are not in Creator Love and Creator Truth. I ask that no part of me receive what is directed out of the negativity, misguidance or interference of others.

disallowing negativity directed by others.jpg