Could you find peace if you never created again?

Could you be proud if you never accomplished your dreams?

Could you be successful if you never made another dollar?

Could you be whole if you never found a partner?

Could you be satisfied if you never had a child?

Could you forgive yourself if you smoked and drank?

Could you Love your body if you never lost another pound?

Could you feel beautiful covered in spots and wrinkles?

Could you have faith if God never spoke to you again?


God delivers the Unimaginable to those who’ve answer yes…


What would happen without my expectations? Who would I actually be? What would I make room for to come in? What if the larger plan, God’s plan, is much much greater than mine? What if I Loved myself fully, completely, and without contingencies? What kind of magic would take over? Can I trust that it will? Will I?

I now do,
Hayley Starr