Earthling Child.png

My Dearest Earthling Child

- By Hayley Starr (2016)

Do you remember who I am?

And even who you are?

I am your Faerie Godmother

From our far away Star.

Sometimes when we get to Earth,

For the fun game called Life,

We forget where we’ve come from,

And get caught in the lie.

But the truth is…

We come from a happy Star,

Up straight and a little bit more.

It’s a glorious place called Perfect,

But there we can easily bore.

One day, you were on an adventure

And as you flew through the sky.

You heard a planet cry for help

So you stopped to asked why.

She spoke in a sad little voice,

A tone you’d never known...

And said her people were mean,

Some small but especially the grown.

She begged for your help,

To re-mind them the way…

They had forgotten how to be nice,

How to be Love and to play.

You gave it much thought,

You made quite a few lists,

Of what your unique gifts are,

How you hoped to assist.

You were created a superhero,

So an adventure it would be,

They made you of Starstuff,

The strongest in the galaxy.

Trillions of light warriors enlisted

But only very few got through.

Your brilliant mission was accepted,

We are all so proud of you!

So there you finally are,

We all wonder just what you will do

To help that dear sweet planet,

And its animals too!

One idea you might consider,

To help the grownups who are sad…

Is to remind them that they too are Starstuff,

And of the infinite joy to be had!

You were my dearest friend here,

But you knew you’d forget;

So you asked that I always remind you,

And sing this truth if I found you upset:

“You are Love, You are light,

You are beautiful and kind.

You came to this Earth,

To re-mind and to shine.”

So glad you found this Love note,

That it could find you down there…

In the chaos of this moment,

Please know that I always care!

We are all bowing to you,

And on behalf of everything,

We thank you for your courage,

The joy that you do and will bring.

I am your Faerie Godmother,

And your number one fan,

I will always Love you,

This was always the plan.