People say that we should wait until we are full and complete individuals before attempting to attract a long-term romantic partner; that who you choose will be a reflection of where you’re at, so best to be at your best! So why should finding your dream job/life’s mission be any different?

I have a dear friend who worries about her current lack of clear direction, AND she’s simultaneously doing a tremendous amount of self-work. I commented that she probably wouldn’t want whatever job she’d attract now, and that the position that awaits her on the other side of her personal development will surely suit her needs best.

If you’re struggling to find true purpose, my suggestion would be to do as much work on yourself as possible until it becomes clear. In the meantime you’ll be supplied with something temporary, as the Universe never leaves you without the means to care for yourself. Trick is not to get stuck or too comfortable there… for that is what some call mediocrity.

One day your call will come, and my deepest hope for you is that you’ll be prepared with the tools and wisdom to say ‘YES!!!’ and take your rightful place in the unique assignment that was designed JUST for you.

Fingers, Toes & Eyelashes Crossed,

Hayley Starr 💫