I meditate weekly, diving deep on a specific intention/question. Yesterday, I asked what held me back from motherhood and this is the golden nugget received:

“Fear. You are afraid that your life will no longer be yours. THAT is the illusion, thinking that your life is your OWN, but you are a part of the collective and your life is in service. Whether on your mission to bring forth clarity and truth or in your personal life as a partner or mother, your life is not designed to be your own and you are not designed to think of yourself as an individual. YOU ARE PUBLIC PROPERTY. (So is everybody else, incidentally)

You and your friends call yourselves Queens in jest, but you should know what that truly means. To be a Queen is to govern, care for and guide your people. It is your responsibility to make certain your kingdom is fed, working and happy. To hear their cries, answer to their needs and advance your civilization. As a Queen you carry far more responsibility than the average person.

A Queen/King who is all about her/himself and her/his own needs will fail and will fall; look to what famously happened to Marie Antoinette and countless others who've been overthrown. THIS is the old paradigm: those who are greedy, only advancing themselves and their circles, no matter the cost to majority, to the planet itself or its creatures.

We are all public property, and designed to advance the greatest good.

Go forth,