I attended my first rave in Baltimore in 1992. I was twelve. By fourteen, I had dropped over 160 hits of acid. One night, I watched my best friend die and be revived. I took a short break. At 17, I moved to NY and did cocaine in cool clubs nearly every single night for 4 years. I was then mostly sober throughout my 20’s. At 32, I met my newest community, and took the rave back up. This time in fancy places with fancy people. Last year I took on an entity while raving in Tulum. This year, I took a break.

What I’ve learned:
- Raves are currently a misinterpretation of Celebration.
- Raves gather outsiders, generally advanced beings, who are looking for community.
- These people are mostly deeply sensitive, highly intelligent and brilliant people. This is a painful state in our current world, and drugs offer an escape. 
- Many consider ourselves conscious people, calling synthetic drugs ‘mind expanders’ and ‘heart openers’. But I ask you this: How can you be conscious when you are rendering yourself UN-conscious?
- True lasting consciousness is only earned through natural, awakened states.

Remember this:
- Where Light gathers, so does the dark. Raves are playgrounds for the negative energies.
- Once you ingest ANY drug, your shields become porous, and a plethora of negative spirits, fragments, and entities have access to you. They are VERY hard to remove once the shields close again. 
- You are a being created from the Light. 
- You are on Earth to be of service, and to lead those who are lost. 
- Do not delude yourself.

How to protect yourself under the influence or in attendance:
- Set an intention for your journey or time there.
- Ask your guides to protect you and your shields (this works whether you believe in them or not).
- Connect with the land you are on, be thankful, and ask for permission.

Message to the leaders of the movement:
- You are in a position of great power.
- You have responsibility to energetically protect your guests.
- You have an audience of Light beings listening, and therefor massive positive potential.
- Do not cater to trend, YOU create trend.
- What will you do with that power?

I wish you all safety and joyous fun tonight!!!

I Love you,
Hayley Starr