Shields are vibrational frequencies around our bodies that neutralize negativity. They extend around our parameters, keeping our physical and subtle bodies in sacred, safe, and protected space. Here are some facts about your shields:

- The shields vibrate at a D# tone in the second octave above middle C. This is the same tone created when you burn Sage, the tone of sea salt, the third eye chakra, and the ohm sound.

- Positive souls and beings will have earned shields over lifetimes of positive work, in service of others, and from self-love. They are also necessary in a world filled with negative energies.

- Each Shield is 13 in thick and you earn them one inch at a time. Most beings will have earned two or three shields. Once you earn shields they are always yours and can be replaced.

- When shields go down, you can get irritable and annoyed. Feeling raw and attacked by the outside world.


This could be due to one of a few reasons:

- The shields can be lost due to psychic attack.
You dissipated your own shields do to a belief in victimization.

- Shields are worn down when you’re in negative spaces, surrounded by negativity and negative people.

- The shields become porous from excessive use of drugs or alcohol, making you vulnerable to negativity and darkness to penetrate and take hold in your system. (Yes, even plant medicines)

- Shields can be worn down by directing negativity at yourself — as in being hard on yourself. They can also be worn down when in a very stressful situation.

- They can be removed if you have made an allegiance to negative forces (by whom? The Light).

Shields 0.png

- Shields mold to the configuration of who you are now, like a sleeve. As we self-improve, we may shift form and needs, which can cause our shields to break.

- Deep ‘Shadow Work’ requires shields come off in order to gain access to the deepest parts of ourselves. They will eventually reinstate, often stronger, but for a time you may feel raw and vulnerable. (Yes, even plant medicines)

If you suspect your shields have been breached, my teacher Bonni offers sessions. Find her contact information in the Suggested Healers section of my website: thestarseed.com/healers

(Writings compiled from the Soul Genesis teachings of Bonni Cook Yardley. Art by Hayley Starr. (2018) Watercolor & pen on paper. Please note that this is not an accurate depiction of the shields described above.)