There is your personality, and then there is your soul. Your soul has its own flavor and essence, and it is likely very different than the one you are currently living. Your current attributes, idiosyncrasies, likes, dislikes, expressions and mannerisms are mostly the sum total of what you’ve collected and learned in this lifetime (others too).

For example, my personality in this life is headstrong, intense, stubborn, a know-it-all, impatient, fiery, self-centered, entrepreneurial, bossy, praise-seeking, needs to be seen and appreciated, driven, obsessed by time, just to name a few. The essence of my soul, which I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting a few times, is peaceful, funny, gentle, powerful, all-knowing, feminine, sexual, connected, trusting, faith-filled, light-beaming, patient, inspired, inspiring, and a creator of the highest order.

I can now clearly see that my next evolutionary step is to begin to shed the smallness of the personality, making way to reveal my truest and ultimate self.

How? We begin by paying attention. Get to know who your spirit actually is. What parts of you feel like deep truth? Take stock of your true essence and start making a conscious effort to operate and react more often from that place. When you speak, complain, make a comment or choice, stop and notice which part of you is doing so. At first just notice it. Later, try to catch yourself before making personality choices. The most rewarding choices and joyful decisions ultimately come from the soul.

Remember this:

Fear is Human. Spirit is Love.

Your soul has no fear.

When we operate from this ancient part of ourself, everything falls into place. When we get our personalities out of the way, life can flow with ease and with grace. Everything we’ve ever dreamed of and much much more can find its way to us…. and life is GOOD.

SO good,

Hayley Starr