The purpose is to choose Love in a realm where you’re given the option not to...

I’ve nearly mastered self-Love, that one took years. Next, I turned my Love to friends in the form of loyalty and support, and feel I’ve done quite well with that. I’ve gathered, through my few encounters with romantic Love, that it itself embodies a unique flavor and color. I’ve also witnessed that the Love of a child seems to be an entirely unique facet of Love that I look forward to experiencing one day.

I’m now seeing love as a palette of colors and flavors and I want to be a master and connoisseur of them all. The mission seems clear: We’re on Earth to get our Masters in Love. I notice that on this Earth plane, choosing joy and love doesn’t always come easily! I have experienced higher realms and they share one distinct similarity: Love is pretty much all there is… lovely but boring! In this incarnation we’ve chosen a plane that allows us to choose Love OR fear. Only that fear is an illusion, but it sure does make for a fun game!

It’s important to note that we will be given endless opportunities to choose Love, and when we finally opt out of a fear cycle, and do choose Love, the Heavens and all its angels celebrate it as a victory for all! So, if (the state of) Heaven is Love, then the formula should be obvious: the more Love is chosen here, the closer to experiencing Heaven we shall be. Choose love, connect with others, be an example of Love- a Master of Love! Be grateful for the chance to play, and even more so to the tireless powers that make it possible for you!


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