I smoke a vape, I micro-dose Adderall, I drink caffeine all day long. I sabotage myself. I sometimes short-circuit around my mother. I’m deeply afraid of aloneness, yet I Love to be alone. I contradict myself. I have a hard time making decisions. I am a perfectionist, I demand that there be order, especially from my belongings! I can be bossy, a know-it-all, and I’m constantly telling people what to do (they seem to like it). I create health problems that aren’t real and/or are self-imposed. I am critical of myself and others. I continually experience rejection from men. I am (currently) sexually repressed. I fear my own Light.


Oooooofffff!!!! If you only knew what it took for me to write those words. I can feel the weight lifting...

Everything that we do (or don’t do) to harm ourselves or others, comes from a deep and wounded place. A rooted emotion asking for our attention, desiring to be addressed.

The first step is to find the emotion behind the emotion. You have to dig to the core. Using a pendulum (correctly) can be helpful in diagnosing. Acknowledging it alone can produce miracles.

Next, clear the emotion. There are many ways: tapping (EFT, BRT, NAET), praying, affirming, magnet along the meridian, creativity, and the simple practice of just ‘letting it go’. Personally, I do them all!

Next, find the polar OPPOSITE of the emotion, and focus on that... Finding ways to integrate it into your daily life.

Know that you will be tested. The darkness sees your Light and wants to keep you small. DO NOT ALLOW THIS.

Remember that what awaits you is greater than any fear, any moment of un-comfort..

Lastly, share your experience with others. Understand that your epiphanies were never meant for just you. Cause there IS no ‘you’!!!


PS. I once had 10 times more vices than those listed... and successfully overcame them! I've devoted my life to discovering the ways out... for us. #CrossOfObscuration #HumanDesign

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This is possibly one of the most intimate and important things I’ve written to date, and it’s taken me months to muster the courage to post. Sharing this story with you is a part of the practice.

Recently, I was ask to speak publicly three times over the course of a month and each was painfully difficult; I shook, thoughts refused to become words, and each ended in tears. A friend suggested this fear was a key to unlock my next greatest potential.

I meditated deeply on this, asking for guidance. Spirit showed me that humans were born equipped with a point on their bodies, from which all creation begins and ends. With the correct operational knowledge, truly anything is possible. It was suggested that next time I spoke, to gather and center all of that energy- the butterflies in my stomach, the disconnecting energy between my brain and throat, and anywhere else - and redirect it to that small point between my legs, my God-button… my beautiful little clitoris.

With nothing to lose, I gave it a try the next time I spoke. Before a room of 60 intelligent and curious people, the familiar fears began to rise and I felt waves of pleasure ebb and flow through my body as I redirected the fears all to that point. And immediately I felt a calm pass over me, for once my extremities weren’t shaking, and the room in front of me was laughing.. I looked out on these smiling faces and I felt joy. It, no I, was a success. I didn’t choke, I crushed, and I found speaking a joy for the first time in my life!

I have since been determined to understand and share this process. How to recreate that nervous/exciting energy? So far I’ve thought of three ways: 1) extreme sports such as skydiving and bungee jumping 2) falling in love, which cannot be forced and 3) choose to do the things we fear.

Once you add courage (and always a little faith for good measure) to the equation an alchemical process occurs, propelling you to your next stage in evolution, and gifting you great creative pleasure simultaneously!

Just when you think God's thought of it all. What an absolutely perfect design.
Fear + Courage = Pleasure

Mic drop.

Hayley Starr

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This is a really good question to ask yourself...

I once heard it like this: why does it seem like in biblical times everybody was talking to God? What if the people we label as crazy / inferior / mentally disturbed are actually our enlightened brothers and sisters? Think of how badly we treat them.

To be clear, it is WE who are insane and suffering from psychosis. We are deeply misaligned with our planet, the invisible forces, the elements, the truth.

Think twice before you call someone crazy... Instead consider tapping into their wisdom. They are likely seeing / feeling / hearing something you can't just yet.

Maybe Just Maybe,



I was never consciously in the market to ascend. If I’m being honest, I thought the whole idea seemed somewhat ungrateful. You won the golden ticket of life, now you want to go? I even found boring my most blissful experiences of oneness, on the hardest core of hallucinogens. I remember saying “I’ve spent an eternity here in oneness… get me back to Earth to play!!!”

I must have misunderstood, or indirectly asked for transcendence, because it’s happening. It has not been easy and is sometimes very scary. I have no idea where I’m headed or what will happen next… so it seems important to share with you these early stages, so you have some markers, in case you should find yourself in a similar place.

Below are some highlights, although I’m not quite sure which are my own personal experiences, and which are more universally experienced:

- It started when I lost the desire to eat meat. I had always wanted to stop, but thought it would be impossible as an O blood type. In a single moment I understood that I was not created in the vibration to eat meat, and would not be able to evolve to higher understandings as long as the frequency of rotting death was in my cells. It was then an easy choice and I simply stopped. Note: if I feel like eating meat, which is rare, I will.

- I then took a step back from the news. I remember the moment it happened: the day Trump was named the republican nominee. I thought it would be scary to be out of the loop. It wasn’t… it was liberating to no longer be bombarded by untruths.


- Next, my friendships were up for reevaluation. As a central hub for many communities, I poured endless energy into connecting and keeping on top of them all. I wondered what would happen if I stopped. The answer? Nothing. Very few reached back out.

- I then noticed that some of these friendships were actually draining, while others were enriching. Who was seeing me for who I really am? Which of them was bringing out the best in me? Who was actively living to grow and learn from experience? Who desired to know the truth. The answer: not many. These were the few I keep close as I continue my journey.

- Then society and its superficial construct was up for discussion. What that I had been taught was actually true? Regarding my potential, my limitations, what it meant to be a woman, even the shape of my physical body. My findings: nearly everything was a lie, and I was no longer willing to believe it.

- Two years ago, I started to surrender to flow. A year ago, I gave myself fully to it. Novels could be written on the subject, and have been. Find them, adopt their teachings. I have found great peace in the self-organizing truth.

- My desire for alcohol simply fell away. I’ve been incredibly sensitive to its effects, and frankly, it’s not worth the lack of clarity when the clarity feels so good.

- While plant medicines served as an activation for many revelations, I now see they also told me many lies. They had me believe that I needed them to connect to God. This may have been the biggest lie I’ve ever been told. NOTHING STANDS BETWEEN ME AND THE GOD SYSTEM. Nothing. Understand that plants have their own agenda… God does not. And yet, if I should feel like working WITH plants again, I will.

- I was warned by a teacher that if I didn’t start adhering to an intense daily practice, that things would get very hard at this stage of my life. This was the best use of a scare tactic to date! I began meditating daily and religiously.

I found that my connection and downloads in this state were pure truth; and unlike the plants, I could always trust them.

- My direct connection to the unseen world was revealed. A veil lifted, I am now able to connect to, hear, and even see the other side. I’ve learned to differentiate the voices I hear. I know now which are limiting fears and which are pure truth. It is liberating to have my own internal compass.

- My moods began to level out. I was once deeply triggered by certain people, my hormones and situations. That is quickly falling away and I’m left in a consistent state of happiness. I am still a work in progress. The only times I now stress are when I momentarily forget the perfection of the system.

- This brings me to faith in God’s plan. There is a most efficient path to enlightenment. My perspective is limited, the God System sees all. You need only faith, to hand it over, and ask for truth to be revealed. This is how I live my life.

- My attachment to outcomes is quickly melting away and being replaced by the faith described above.

- I am DEEPLY called to be in Nature, away from all the noise/air/wave/human pollution. Where I can hear/see/think/be/feel with clarity. Nature’s system is advanced and far more ancient that Humanity’s. When in doubt, we need only look to and apply Nature’s solutions.

- I am reminded to breath. Proper breathing is the key to releasing all blocks and stagnations.

- I began to incorporate a tool called Human Design. At first I didn’t resonate with it; this is because I was living out of my design. I finally decided to apply its recommendations and my life became infinitely easier.

- I have since found Gene Keys, an evolution of Human Design, created by a magical man among us named Richard Rudd. It is a beautiful and refined synthesis, which gives me a clear road map to actually transcend my shadows and limitations. I don’t know who I’d be without these two systems.

- Over the past 15 months I have begun channeling a new system based on everything I’ve learned to date. As I know firsthand, there a million paths to enlightenment, and this system will help you find yours. Most don’t have the luxury of time, trial and error. This life, I was given the gifts of creativity, fearless self-exploration, and financial security to explore and share my findings. This gift to you is still in process, and you’ll be the first to know when it's complete.

There’s so so so much more, but this is enough for the time being. Hope it helps someone!

I Love You,
Hayley Starr


This weekend, I had a simple yet transformative journey with the Grandmother. She had one message: “In order to move forward on your path, you must first honor your commitment to God.” I tried arguing that I already had, she assured me I hadn’t. I complained that others were the ones not committing to me, she quickly corrected “It is YOU who don’t commit to them... or anything else!” I saw how my painful ‘past’, both romantic and professional, caused me to avoid attachment and ultimately compromise my soul’s purpose.

At that moment, I married the Light.

We are here at a pivotal time, in service, yet each of us suffer from the rule of amnesia. If we don’t remember we risk getting caught in the societal ‘meaningless-job/marriage/procreation/consumption’ cycle. Free will is a gift, and we may choose whatever we desire, so long as one’s mission comes first. Examples: Live in isolated nature AND continue to create and share. Travel the world AND adhere to a daily practice. Be in sacred partnership AND put God first. Birth children AND remember that Humanity itself is your first child.

My commitment is this: I am in service to you. I’m creating a technology to help us find our way.

I share my experience vulnerably, however difficult, to plant seeds. I share truth with humor even when you think I’m crazy, for it is more important that you know it, and I’m strong enough not to care if you do. I am a channel for contagious joy. I inspire you to believe in magic, by example.

Your future self sent me to remind you, at this moment, that you too are here on a mission. Remember, then commit to it!

Your Astral Messenger,
Hayley Starr

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I once believed that manifestation required religious daily affirmations, visualizing with precise clarity, and feeling my desired outcome in advance. I even categorized and color-coded my wishes and dreams. I felt I had to force my visions as I couldn’t trust in divine intelligence to have grant wishes… I had to work for them.

Those desires often did come to fruition, only they rarely brought me great joy and always came at a price. I now see that all of this was necessary for a time, but the varsity move is to surrender to the flow of what life so perfectly orchestrates for each of us. Does a flower force its destiny? No, it grows and flowers with perfection.

I now work with only what I’m calling ‘Ultimate Goals’. These are your big plans and highest visions for your life. Note that it’s best they not be things, but feelings rather. It now seems my only job is to calibrate to my ugs once a day, then allow the unseen forces to present me with the next best course of action. There is nothing to plan, only to receive.

What are my ultimate goals? After much consideration I have chosen these 5. Please feel free to adopt that as your own. My ugs are your ugs. :)

Health: For without it, we have nothing.
Abundance: Life is much more fun when you’re not stressing to make ends meet.
Joy: Cause that shit feels good!
Love: Every heart longs to give, receive and to feel it.

Fulfillment: Each of us came to this earth with a mission, and nothing is more satisfying than to live it.
Each without condition, with ease and grace.

What are yours?

I wish you everything.



As a child I saw the ghost of my grandmother and was blessed to have a mother who believed me. Because I wasn’t made wrong, I develop a healthy psychic self and have never questioned the existence of God, angels, spirit guides, aliens, magic or faeries. I couldn’t always see or hear them, but I always believed. As a kid I remember thinking how was it possible that everyone seemed to have been conversing with God in Bible times; and if they could, why shouldn’t I?!! So began my journey to becoming an ambassador to the other realms.

At first the whispers were faint, few and far between. I’d catch glimpses of magic out of the corner of my eye. I’d hear something that it seemed no one else could. A coincidence was just TOO perfectly aligned to not have been tinkered with by a larger force. I now understand that they were preparing me for what was possible. I slowly began taking steps. I prayed to hear them. I even tattooed a faerie whispering behind my ear, forcing them into the physical world. I begged them in moments of despair. I never gave up hope.

Then about 8 years ago, after lots of self-work and exploration, the veil lifted and other dimensions that exists right within our very own were revealed. I could hear them, but there was no sound. I could see them, but not with my eyes. I could feel them, but only through my heart. A sixth sense had emerged. Today I have access to them most anytime and I’m learning to hand over the details of my life to their vast intelligence; I’m also sharing their messages through my writing. They inspire a subject and dictate, I write, you read.

So wonderful!

Instructions for activating your 6th sense:

  • Be ready, for once the veil lifts, there’s no going back. You’re taking the red pill and life as you know it is over. You’ll be glad it is, for your new life will be far more enjoyable. Be prepared.

hayley indigo.jpg

Know that they are there. Then learn to tell the difference between them. There are low vibration beings, and high ones. Mostly high ones, focus and engage only the light. If you think you’re being tricked, disengage.

  • Pray. Pray time and time again giving them permission to reveal themselves and to help you. Know that you are being heard. Ask them for the guidance to prepare you. Then, when faced with new opportunities of being and thinking, say yes!!! Try new practices and learn new teachings, each will take you to the next level.

If called, and only if called, experiment with plan medicines. They specifically grown on this planet to assist humans, why else would they be here? Each is a medicine for a different need. Do not become stuck or dependent on plant medicines, should you work with them, I highly recommend integrating what you’ve learned into your life before going back for more. Contact Doron Geber for more on this.

  • Important to know that you can access these exact same channels and plains through simple breath techniques, without plants or drugs at all. Pranayama is a good place to start, look up David Elliot’s teachings, contact Eliza Kane for a private or Madeline Giles for a class.

    There’s more but this is all I have for now.

Consciousness is a responsibility, I will say this time and time again and in every way you can hear. It is not yours to hoard, it is to be shared. Anything you learn ought to be shared with someone, lest your powers be taken away.

With love,

Hayley Starr


Last week I attempted to prove that sex is an awesome way to break through creativity and abundance barriers, because they’re all connect in the second chakra (for more, read: http://bit.ly/2q3ewvT). My theory took more structure when last week I pushed the boundaries of my known, what feels safe and secure, and explored un-chartered sexual territory. What exactly was done isn’t important to the point being made.

The very next day, my entire career shifted. NO exaggeration when I tell you that a former self died and gave way to a new incarnation of my earthly mission. Within hours I decided that I no longer wanted an event space, or to produce any material products. Instead stepping into a new role as a teacher and leader in the realms of healing and happiness through writing, speaking, and whatever forms the God program chooses for my service

As for abundance, 1.5 days later I received a call from an old investment letting me know they’d received a Bernie Madoff settlement and were looking to pay me out. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I’D LOST MONEY IN THE B.M SCANDAL????!!!! WTF? I’ll tell you wtf: Abundance is purely energetic and life is pure magic.

Have enlightening sex, align with your authentic self/ mission, and get paid for doing nothing but having a little courage!!!

Biiiiig F* Yes,

Hayley Starr


Women seem to have taken issue with me recently. They never did before. What changed? I was once a girl’s girl, but now I also love men. What brought about this change? I’ve read and listened to everything by Alison Armstrong who so brilliantly explains that men are not hairy women behaving badly, they’re MEN, with their very own set of rules and needs. She has taught me their unspoken language, what drives and motivates them... it’s so much more beautiful than I ever knew!

My relationship to every man has shifted. No longer the enemy, I see them as wonderful creatures to appreciate and love…. and in return they love and appreciate ME! Crazy concept!!! My guess is that this upsets women because they too long for loving relationships with men. Here’s what I say to that: there’s no more room for haters on this planet, we’re chock full of em’… read everything by Alison Armstrong and let’s all get along.

Men, this goes for you too. She has books and courses that explain the ladies with beautiful clarity. I’ve listened to those as well and been so pleased to better understand myself and unconscious motivations.

The day is soon coming when we all love and understand each other!!!

Counting the seconds,

Hayley Starr


We constantly seek advice to our problems outside of ourselves. We ask friends, books, tv, and gurus for the answers we already know. Your mind and personality won't have them… you're Higher Self will. This the coolest, raddest part of yourself that has access to a higher perspective and all the information in the Universe. How exactly does one connect? My favorite ways are meditation, prayer and muscle-testing. More on this soon.

As I began my nomadic journey, a wise friend offered me some advice about staying grounded: 1) travel with a mini alter. 2) When you arrive at your temporary destination, find a tree and kindly ask it go hold your grounding cord. If a short stay, let it know when to release you. If longer, go back at the end of your trip and show it some respect and thanks!

I have developed a zero-tolerance policy for people who complain. It's like nails on a chalkboard. What in the fuck do you have to complain about?? You're alive, silly! Just stop it. Immediately. It does nothing nothing nothing except bring you more of that which you're complaining about. Try a new thought, see what happens.

Spirit is pushing me HARD into unchartered territory. Here's a visual of the feeling: I'm standing at a ledge, mustering the courage to dive into the unknown. I look left, right and back for more options, but I see nothing but more ledges… left with no choice but to jump. My truest and most rewarding experience of faith to date.

Fears are not real. They were created in your imagination by something you think did or will happen, neither of which are true. Treat them as untruths, and play with that part of yourself as you would with a child afraid of the boogieman. You'll see fears for what they are, and have fun overcoming them.

You've heard this, but next time you're in a disagreement, try taking a moment to imagine being the other person. Get in their mind, and truly ask why and where they're coming from. You actually HAVE the ability to do so on the energetic plane because we are all one.

It really does. It's ok, you're probably just not resonating at the same frequency anymore. The Universe TRIED telling you through multiple warning signs, and you chose not to listen. So, they made them do something you deem as super sucky to force you to move on.

Favorite quote of the week.


I am 38 (yay) and childless. When I scroll through my feeds, all I see are your children, and the reminder has become increasingly difficult. There was a time when your little ones brought me joy, and surely they will again, but for now and for the most part, they painfully tug at my heart strings.

Universe: "Hayley, you are suffering from amnesia and you forget that you are here on a mission. If you had a child at this moment you would do nothing but play, and the mission would fail.”You know what, Universe? THANK YOU. I’m going to travel the world, spread Love, heal people, and dance my butt off. Fuck it! I may even buy a motorcycle. You know why? Cause I CAN!

Note to friends who’ve felt my distance: I love you, your husbands AND your children. It’s not that I’ve moved on from our Love, that never dies, it’s that I’m struggling with how to connect with you as I continue to uncover my non-traditional destiny.

Still letting go/flowing/trusting,
Hayley Starr



The following was a response/question that someone sent in response to the above statement, as well as my response:

Q: How does this idea apply to the kids born in Syria today? Just bad karma from a past life?

A: My first reaction is to point out that my statement is fundamentally unrelated to yours. I am speaking of the urban definition of a word (privilege) that is thrown around a lot in my circles. Look, I could say something about the color white, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in the rainbow.

I will gladly answer your question, but be warned that you may not like it: I do believe that EVERY SINGLE SOUL has chosen their life. Maybe y(our) assumption is that ‘bad’ or ‘poor’ wasn’t the intention or an accident… That somehow God made a mistake. My direct experience is that God does not make mistakes.

What if the ‘mistake’ is precisely what that person needs? I was sexually abused as a young child. It has made me a fierce woman, and driven me to empower children and women with my work. It also froze a part of me that has remained childlike, I am now able inspire children because I understand how they see the world.

No mistakes.

From where we sit, being poor and uncomfortable is a curse that no one would ever choose, but that is a judgment on that soul’s choice. Every one of us has enlisted in a never-ending game of cycles, and the mission is to experience every single emotion until you enlighten… then start all over again. That said, I understand that it’s hard to bypass this belief when speaking of defenseless children, animals or the environment, as they seem powerless against adult humanity’s insanity.

However, my wealth and abundance does not make another person poor, unless it does and therein lies one of our Earth’s real problems: when those who have more don’t turn around and share their findings and abundance with others. We are in this together as one, we are here to help each other rise, to teach each other, and there is plenty for all.

No one moves beyond this dimension until all do.

So, let’s get to work!!


There is a team of angels and guides devoted to each human who is being. Yes, you have such a team! Especially you. It’s true. I can waste my time trying to convince you, or you can take a leap of faith and trust in me and my 25 years of intergalactic travels. Or not. But for those willing and ready to remember something ‘new’, read on…

Over New Years in Tulum this year, the question of Who is actually guiding me became front and center. While reading a book called the ‘Surrender Experiment’, I wondered who it was that I was actually surrendering to. As I understand it, God is FAR too big of a presence to directly engage with me, I would obliterate in the presence of that much love.

Each time I come back from either a ceremony, meditation, breath work or sometimes even dreams, I find myself referring to ‘They’, recounting things like “They showed me the essence of who I really am”, “They helped me renegotiate my life contract”, “They told me to be patient,”… It’s always a THEY, but who are these Theys?

I had a flash thought: what if my life wasn’t JUST my life to be lived? What if, like the director of a movie, I’d been chosen to lead this particular lifetime, but in actuality I had a WHOLE TEAM of specialists who’d come on to this project I call ‘My Life’. Here I am trying to control every aspect of my life, when I have devoted team of specialists trying desperately to lighten my load.

It would be like a director hiring a whole set and cast, then trying to act, do wardrobe, lighting and every other job on his multi-million dollar movie. THAT WOULD BE INSANITY! And yet that’s what I/we do. Not only all that, but from where They sit there is full access to the millions of possibilities and a detached enough, ego-less perspective to choose what would ACTUALLY be best for me.

I meditated deeply on this and ’Team God’ explained that the success of my life is equally as important to their karma as it is to mine, that we’re a team, and that I’m stifling the gifts of abundance with my controlling ways.  They asked me to surrender and allow Them to help guide this beautiful life of ours.

TEAM GOD copy.png

My one concern was that while their way may be the most effective, it’s not always the most pleasant. I agreed to surrender if They promised to unfold this life with ease and grace, and lots and lots of love. They’ve agreed and I’m happy to report that my life has taken on more magic and wild fortuitous turns in the past month than I’ve ever know.

So that’s that. Guides are real. Guides are invested. Trisha says they feed off our gratitude and joy. So do more of that and ask for their help, and be sure to add this sentence to your prayers “By divine selection and divine right. With Ease and Grace. So it is.”

And so it will be.


Hayley Starr


Here we go… yet another polarizing topic that I’m being called to share.

If you had told me this statement a week ago, I would have fought you to the end. I am a Capricorn, and my entire life has been based on setting goals, achieving them, then setting new goals. But when my dear friend recently reminded me of this truth, I finally understood: there is a divine plan, and we often get in the way of it.

As I racked my brain to disprove him, I was shown a memory of the last man I dated: he was every single thing on my highly-edited ‘list’…. and he was terrifying. TERRIFYING. When we broke up, I feared for my life.

There is a karmic exchange for everything. #blackmagic

I thought to all the businesses I’d started, the friendships and relationships I had forced, the houses I’d bought out of sheer will... there was a consistent level of frustration, blocks inevitably presented, and I rarely felt the sense of achievement or peace I’d wished for.

Until last year.

2017 marked the beginning of a new journey and understanding of the flow state; for the first time I tasted what was possible. As 2018 approached, I asked to know full surrender. My three weeks since in Tulum have been 10 times more intense than any of my plant journeys. Why? Because my ego refused to surrender to the larger plan.

When Manech Ibar told me to surrender completely to God’s path and plan, I cried because I knew it was the truth. I knew that all my affirmations, lists, visualizations and manifestations were born from sheer will and a waste of time and energy. How insane to think that my limited perception could even TOUCH that of God’s.


Say yes when clear. Listen to the lovely voice that guides you, and ignore the destructive one. Learn to be comfortable in the in between. Take leaps of faith when called, especially when the support system seems invisible.

You won’t fall. You couldn’t.

It’s just a dream.

Row row row my boat gently down the stream,

Hayley Starr


They are a shitty company that make shitty and expensive products that break on purpose. They’re also shitty humans who steal others’ technologies and then wreck them to court. They have shitty ethics, and evade billions in US taxes. There’s a reason none of my awesome tech friends up north have Apple products… because they know too much, and also that the Android is a FAR superior product.

I was willing to bury my head and pretend like all this was ok to keep my life synced and simple, until this last software update. Everyone was complaining about it, so I opted not to update. A couple weeks went by, then one day right after the unveiling of the new iPhones, mine simply stopped working. No calls could be made, no texts would go out, and from one minute to the next, my home button stopped working.

HERE’S where it got creepy: I called to ask T-Mobile why my phone wasn’t working, and as if on cue, the man offered to send me a new iPhone for $1/month. I told him I was seriously considering switching to Samsung and asked how much that phone would be. $900 he said. In that brief moment, the veil lifted and I could finally see the very very dark underbelly of this giant technological beast.


What did I do?? I bit the bullet and paid $900…. For my freedom, integrity and peace of mind.

AND. THE. NOTEBOOK 8. IS. 1000. TIMES. BETTER. THAN. THE. IPHONE. for about 50 different reasons. To name just a few: the camera, the options, the apps, the layout, the shortcuts, the voice dictation, the stylus pen!!!!, the lower EMF radiation… Why is this? Because Samsung nearly went bankrupt in the recall, so they put all their technologies into one phone with the hopes of salvaging their company.

I’m not saying that Samsung is a saint, but they sure as hell are the less of two evils, and selling a waaay better product. My 2 cents.

Off the Koolaid,
Hayley Starr


I once believed that manifestation required religious daily affirmations, visualizing with precise clarity, and feeling my desired outcome in advance. I even categorized and color-coded my wishes. I felt I had to force my visions as I couldn’t trust Divine Intelligence with my precious dreams…. I had to WORK for them.

Those desires often did come to fruition, only they rarely brought me great joy and always came at a price. I now see that all of this was necessary for a time, but the varsity move is to surrender to the flow of what life so perfectly orchestrates for each of us. Does a flower force its destiny? No, it grows and flowers perfectly.

I now work with only what I’m calling ‘Ultimate Goals’. These are your BIG plans and highest visions for your life. Note that it’s best they not be things, but feelings rather. It now seems my only job is to calibrate to my UGs once a day, then allow the unseen forces to present me with the next best course of action. There is nothing to plan, only to receive.

What are MY Ultimate Goals? After much consideration I have chosen these 5. Please feel free to adopt them as your own. My UGs are your UGs (:

Health: For without it, we have nothing.

Abundance: Life is much more fun when you’re not stressing to make ends meet.
Joy: Cause that sh*t feels good!

Love: Every heart longs to give, receive and to feel it.

Fulfillment: Each of us came to this Earth with a mission, and nothing is more satisfying than to live it.

Each without condition, with Ease and Grace.

What are yours?

I Wish You Everything,Hayley Starrr

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There is a Universal Law that states that when dealing with trifectas (examples: body/mind/soul or conscious/subconscious/superconscious), if you work with one, the other two will surely follow. Work with two, and the third has no choice!

It dawned on me last night that sexuality, creativity and money are all ruled by your second energy point, located in your pelvic area. What a trifecta!! Law applied: if you’re not making enough money, work on your sexual relationships. If you need to be more creative, work on your abundance skills. If business is failing or you can’t get lucky, dig into your creativity!

I’m going to get personal with you to make a point…

While having some awesome sex recently, it was brought to my attention that each time I was about to climax, I would abruptly stop the process. My brain started to compute the DIRECT correlation between this sexual habit and my business habits - each time I gain momentum in my projects and am about to ‘go big’, I short-circuit and sabotage the entire deal. This is what we call an ‘Upper Limit Problem’. (Read ‘The Big Leap’ for more on this)

So I’ve found the direct correlation, now it must be proven in practice. How fuuuuun! Wouldn’t it be radical if orgasm was both the green light for my creative muses and the abundance Gods?

Oh!!! The perfection of the simulation…

We So Lucky,

*Hayley Starr*


Today marks exactly 37 Earth twirls around the Sun. What a beautiful adventure!! The parents, the family, the friends, the timing... all perfect, all Divine. I can tell you without hesitation that I have never been happier, my heart has never felt so much joy or been so open. Birds in the sky, you know how I feel.

Joy is ours. Every day, It and dear Love try to find us. We need only be open to receive. Today my prayer is that every person who reads this should feel them both; and that for a moment, you allow me to be your source. I have soooo much of both to give. Embedded within these words I have written intention code that will mainline a burst of Love and Joy directly into your heart. Close your eyes, take it in... It’s downloading now. Kaboom!!! Sparkles!!!… Did you feel it??

✨ 💥 ✨

✨ 💥 💗 💥 ✨

✨ 💥 ✨

Ecstatic to be here, to know you, and to be me,

Hayley Starr 🌈

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Hayley Starr is the powerhouse role model everyone needs. She is an artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, writer and all-around creative who is known for her collection of otherworldly products including psychedelic paintings, activist t-shirts and funky jewellery. As an advocate of enlightened living, Hayley opened a collaborative space in Venice, called the Quest, which is used as a boutique, art gallery and event space.

Hayley generously opened up to us about how creativity and self-care helped her heal post-heartbreak. You can check out Hayley's  site or follow her on Instagram here for more from this inspiring artist!

If you think back to the first time you were heartbroken, what advice would you give to that younger version of yourself?

"Feel it, gurl! Feel every single emotion. Hold nothing back, especially tears. Feeling the emotion is the only way through!"

What has heartbreak taught you about yourself?

"Strength, but also that it’s most often not about the other person, but about a reflection of something I need to learn about myself. When something hurts that badly, you can rest assured that it’s a deep wound that’s calling to you for your attention."

What are your rituals during a breakup? What things/practices/people helped you mend?

"Self care, asking myself what I need and then following through. A spa treatment? A weekend away by myself? With the girls? Always reach out to your girls! Call on them and tell them you need their help. Your girls know you and have your best interest at heart; they’ve also likely seen you through other breakups and can see the patterns when your broken heart causes you amnesia."

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Thinking back to breakups you’ve had, did you have any breakup vices (checking your ex’s Insta, etc) and how do you conquer them?

"Smoking, alcohol, food. I realized that these vices were only stuffing the feeling down further, making it harder to reach… and if feeling the feeling gets you back through to the other side to joy, then anything holding you back from feeling must be eliminated."

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about love so far in your life?

"That Love is one of the most important reasons you’re here on this planet. Heaven is pure love, and in a realm where you’re given the choice to love or to fear, choosing to love with an open heart gets you closer and closer to the experience of Heaven, while on Earth. Fear brings you closer to the imaginary experience of hell. 

When breaking up, there are so many fears: Will I ever meet anyone as good as they were? YES, without fail, every single person you date next will be better than the previous one. Am I lovable? Of course you are!!! Duh!!!! Am I destined to be alone forever? Oh silly! Of course NOT."

Do you think exes can be friends? Do you stay friends with your exes on social media?

"Absa-freaking-lutely and yes. I am friends with every ex but one. As a matter of fact, I’m not just friends with most, I am BEST friends with nearly all of them (that is admittedly coming from a woman with 22 best friends), if they’ll allow me. Some men have a hard time staying friends. That’s ok, I respect it."

What keeps your heart open, despite the heartbreaks you’ve had in your life?

"Trust and faith that as I work through my problems and layers of emotional complexity, that I experience more joy and an open heart. Think about this for a minute: Breakups are where most of your growing occurs, and to meet the best partner you need to be your best self. How do you get to your best self? You do the work on yourself! And again, where does that come from? LOVE, BREAKUPS AND HEARTACHES!!! If there’s truly only meant to be one partner for you, that means that by plain and simple deduction, you’ve got a lot of frogs to kiss. Embrace relationships no matter how long they last. Be thankful for what that person showed you about yourself. Mend and find another and if it happens again, thank that person too! Each gets you closer."

What projects are you currently working on, and looking forward to most?

"So many, they are countless. I make clothes, jewellery, I paint and draw. I have a blog where I talk about things like this, and an event space in Venice, CA. I’m writing a kids story that I pray will be made into a movie one day!