Last week I attempted to prove that sex is an awesome way to break through creativity and abundance barriers, because they’re all connect in the second chakra (for more, read: My theory took more structure when last week I pushed the boundaries of my known, what feels safe and secure, and explored un-chartered sexual territory. What exactly was done isn’t important to the point being made.

The very next day, my entire career shifted. NO exaggeration when I tell you that a former self died and gave way to a new incarnation of my earthly mission. Within hours I decided that I no longer wanted an event space, or to produce any material products. Instead stepping into a new role as a teacher and leader in the realms of healing and happiness through writing, speaking, and whatever forms the God program chooses for my service

As for abundance, 1.5 days later I received a call from an old investment letting me know they’d received a Bernie Madoff settlement and were looking to pay me out. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I’D LOST MONEY IN THE B.M SCANDAL????!!!! WTF? I’ll tell you wtf: Abundance is purely energetic and life is pure magic.

Have enlightening sex, align with your authentic self/ mission, and get paid for doing nothing but having a little courage!!!

Biiiiig F* Yes,

Hayley Starr