This weekend, I had a simple yet transformative journey with the Grandmother. She had one message: “In order to move forward on your path, you must first honor your commitment to God.” I tried arguing that I already had, she assured me I hadn’t. I complained that others were the ones not committing to me, she quickly corrected “It is YOU who don’t commit to them... or anything else!” I saw how my painful ‘past’, both romantic and professional, caused me to avoid attachment and ultimately compromise my soul’s purpose.

At that moment, I married the Light.

We are here at a pivotal time, in service, yet each of us suffer from the rule of amnesia. If we don’t remember we risk getting caught in the societal ‘meaningless-job/marriage/procreation/consumption’ cycle. Free will is a gift, and we may choose whatever we desire, so long as one’s mission comes first. Examples: Live in isolated nature AND continue to create and share. Travel the world AND adhere to a daily practice. Be in sacred partnership AND put God first. Birth children AND remember that Humanity itself is your first child.

My commitment is this: I am in service to you. I’m creating a technology to help us find our way.

I share my experience vulnerably, however difficult, to plant seeds. I share truth with humor even when you think I’m crazy, for it is more important that you know it, and I’m strong enough not to care if you do. I am a channel for contagious joy. I inspire you to believe in magic, by example.

Your future self sent me to remind you, at this moment, that you too are here on a mission. Remember, then commit to it!

Your Astral Messenger,
Hayley Starr

married the light.JPG