Women seem to have taken issue with me recently. They never did before. What changed? I was once a girl’s girl, but now I also love men. What brought about this change? I’ve read and listened to everything by Alison Armstrong who so brilliantly explains that men are not hairy women behaving badly, they’re MEN, with their very own set of rules and needs. She has taught me their unspoken language, what drives and motivates them... it’s so much more beautiful than I ever knew!

My relationship to every man has shifted. No longer the enemy, I see them as wonderful creatures to appreciate and love…. and in return they love and appreciate ME! Crazy concept!!! My guess is that this upsets women because they too long for loving relationships with men. Here’s what I say to that: there’s no more room for haters on this planet, we’re chock full of em’… read everything by Alison Armstrong and let’s all get along.

Men, this goes for you too. She has books and courses that explain the ladies with beautiful clarity. I’ve listened to those as well and been so pleased to better understand myself and unconscious motivations.

The day is soon coming when we all love and understand each other!!!

Counting the seconds,

Hayley Starr