This weekend, I had a simple yet transformative journey with the Grandmother. She had one message: “In order to move forward on your path, you must first honor your commitment to God.” I tried arguing that I already had, she assured me I hadn’t. I complained that others were the ones not committing to me, she quickly corrected “It is YOU who don’t commit to them... or anything else!” I saw how my painful ‘past’, both romantic and professional, caused me to avoid attachment and ultimately compromise my soul’s purpose.

At that moment, I married the Light.

We are here at a pivotal time, in service, yet each of us suffer from the rule of amnesia. If we don’t remember we risk getting caught in the societal ‘meaningless-job/marriage/procreation/consumption’ cycle. Free will is a gift, and we may choose whatever we desire, so long as one’s mission comes first. Examples: Live in isolated nature AND continue to create and share. Travel the world AND adhere to a daily practice. Be in sacred partnership AND put God first. Birth children AND remember that Humanity itself is your first child.

My commitment is this: I am in service to you. I’m creating a technology to help us find our way.

I share my experience vulnerably, however difficult, to plant seeds. I share truth with humor even when you think I’m crazy, for it is more important that you know it, and I’m strong enough not to care if you do. I am a channel for contagious joy. I inspire you to believe in magic, by example.

Your future self sent me to remind you, at this moment, that you too are here on a mission. Remember, then commit to it!

Your Astral Messenger,
Hayley Starr

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Here we go… yet another polarizing topic that I’m being called to share.

If you had told me this statement a week ago, I would have fought you to the end. I am a Capricorn, and my entire life has been based on setting goals, achieving them, then setting new goals. But when my dear friend recently reminded me of this truth, I finally understood: there is a divine plan, and we often get in the way of it.

As I racked my brain to disprove him, I was shown a memory of the last man I dated: he was every single thing on my highly-edited ‘list’…. and he was terrifying. TERRIFYING. When we broke up, I feared for my life.

There is a karmic exchange for everything. #blackmagic

I thought to all the businesses I’d started, the friendships and relationships I had forced, the houses I’d bought out of sheer will... there was a consistent level of frustration, blocks inevitably presented, and I rarely felt the sense of achievement or peace I’d wished for.

Until last year.

2017 marked the beginning of a new journey and understanding of the flow state; for the first time I tasted what was possible. As 2018 approached, I asked to know full surrender. My three weeks since in Tulum have been 10 times more intense than any of my plant journeys. Why? Because my ego refused to surrender to the larger plan.

When Manech Ibar told me to surrender completely to God’s path and plan, I cried because I knew it was the truth. I knew that all my affirmations, lists, visualizations and manifestations were born from sheer will and a waste of time and energy. How insane to think that my limited perception could even TOUCH that of God’s.


Say yes when clear. Listen to the lovely voice that guides you, and ignore the destructive one. Learn to be comfortable in the in between. Take leaps of faith when called, especially when the support system seems invisible.

You won’t fall. You couldn’t.

It’s just a dream.

Row row row my boat gently down the stream,

Hayley Starr