Today marks exactly 37 Earth twirls around the Sun. What a beautiful adventure!! The parents, the family, the friends, the timing... all perfect, all Divine. I can tell you without hesitation that I have never been happier, my heart has never felt so much joy or been so open. Birds in the sky, you know how I feel.

Joy is ours. Every day, It and dear Love try to find us. We need only be open to receive. Today my prayer is that every person who reads this should feel them both; and that for a moment, you allow me to be your source. I have soooo much of both to give. Embedded within these words I have written intention code that will mainline a burst of Love and Joy directly into your heart. Close your eyes, take it in... It’s downloading now. Kaboom!!! Sparkles!!!… Did you feel it??

✨ 💥 ✨

✨ 💥 💗 💥 ✨

✨ 💥 ✨

Ecstatic to be here, to know you, and to be me,

Hayley Starr 🌈

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