I once believed that manifestation required religious daily affirmations, visualizing with precise clarity, and feeling my desired outcome in advance. I even categorized and color-coded my wishes and dreams. I felt I had to force my visions as I couldn’t trust in divine intelligence to have grant wishes… I had to work for them.

Those desires often did come to fruition, only they rarely brought me great joy and always came at a price. I now see that all of this was necessary for a time, but the varsity move is to surrender to the flow of what life so perfectly orchestrates for each of us. Does a flower force its destiny? No, it grows and flowers with perfection.

I now work with only what I’m calling ‘Ultimate Goals’. These are your big plans and highest visions for your life. Note that it’s best they not be things, but feelings rather. It now seems my only job is to calibrate to my ugs once a day, then allow the unseen forces to present me with the next best course of action. There is nothing to plan, only to receive.

What are my ultimate goals? After much consideration I have chosen these 5. Please feel free to adopt that as your own. My ugs are your ugs. :)

Health: For without it, we have nothing.
Abundance: Life is much more fun when you’re not stressing to make ends meet.
Joy: Cause that shit feels good!
Love: Every heart longs to give, receive and to feel it.

Fulfillment: Each of us came to this earth with a mission, and nothing is more satisfying than to live it.
Each without condition, with ease and grace.

What are yours?

I wish you everything.