I am 38 (yay) and childless. When I scroll through my feeds, all I see are your children, and the reminder has become increasingly difficult. There was a time when your little ones brought me joy, and surely they will again, but for now and for the most part, they painfully tug at my heart strings.

Universe: "Hayley, you are suffering from amnesia and you forget that you are here on a mission. If you had a child at this moment you would do nothing but play, and the mission would fail.”You know what, Universe? THANK YOU. I’m going to travel the world, spread Love, heal people, and dance my butt off. Fuck it! I may even buy a motorcycle. You know why? Cause I CAN!

Note to friends who’ve felt my distance: I love you, your husbands AND your children. It’s not that I’ve moved on from our Love, that never dies, it’s that I’m struggling with how to connect with you as I continue to uncover my non-traditional destiny.

Still letting go/flowing/trusting,
Hayley Starr