As a child I saw the ghost of my grandmother and was blessed to have a mother who believed me. Because I wasn’t made wrong, I develop a healthy psychic self and have never questioned the existence of God, angels, spirit guides, aliens, magic or faeries. I couldn’t always see or hear them, but I always believed. As a kid I remember thinking how was it possible that everyone seemed to have been conversing with God in Bible times; and if they could, why shouldn’t I?!! So began my journey to becoming an ambassador to the other realms.

At first the whispers were faint, few and far between. I’d catch glimpses of magic out of the corner of my eye. I’d hear something that it seemed no one else could. A coincidence was just TOO perfectly aligned to not have been tinkered with by a larger force. I now understand that they were preparing me for what was possible. I slowly began taking steps. I prayed to hear them. I even tattooed a faerie whispering behind my ear, forcing them into the physical world. I begged them in moments of despair. I never gave up hope.

Then about 8 years ago, after lots of self-work and exploration, the veil lifted and other dimensions that exists right within our very own were revealed. I could hear them, but there was no sound. I could see them, but not with my eyes. I could feel them, but only through my heart. A sixth sense had emerged. Today I have access to them most anytime and I’m learning to hand over the details of my life to their vast intelligence; I’m also sharing their messages through my writing. They inspire a subject and dictate, I write, you read.

So wonderful!

Instructions for activating your 6th sense:

  • Be ready, for once the veil lifts, there’s no going back. You’re taking the red pill and life as you know it is over. You’ll be glad it is, for your new life will be far more enjoyable. Be prepared.

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Know that they are there. Then learn to tell the difference between them. There are low vibration beings, and high ones. Mostly high ones, focus and engage only the light. If you think you’re being tricked, disengage.

  • Pray. Pray time and time again giving them permission to reveal themselves and to help you. Know that you are being heard. Ask them for the guidance to prepare you. Then, when faced with new opportunities of being and thinking, say yes!!! Try new practices and learn new teachings, each will take you to the next level.

If called, and only if called, experiment with plan medicines. They specifically grown on this planet to assist humans, why else would they be here? Each is a medicine for a different need. Do not become stuck or dependent on plant medicines, should you work with them, I highly recommend integrating what you’ve learned into your life before going back for more. Contact Doron Geber for more on this.

  • Important to know that you can access these exact same channels and plains through simple breath techniques, without plants or drugs at all. Pranayama is a good place to start, look up David Elliot’s teachings, contact Eliza Kane for a private or Madeline Giles for a class.

    There’s more but this is all I have for now.

Consciousness is a responsibility, I will say this time and time again and in every way you can hear. It is not yours to hoard, it is to be shared. Anything you learn ought to be shared with someone, lest your powers be taken away.

With love,

Hayley Starr