There is a team of angels and guides devoted to each human who is being. Yes, you have such a team! Especially you. It’s true. I can waste my time trying to convince you, or you can take a leap of faith and trust in me and my 25 years of intergalactic travels. Or not. But for those willing and ready to remember something ‘new’, read on…

Over New Years in Tulum this year, the question of Who is actually guiding me became front and center. While reading a book called the ‘Surrender Experiment’, I wondered who it was that I was actually surrendering to. As I understand it, God is FAR too big of a presence to directly engage with me, I would obliterate in the presence of that much love.

Each time I come back from either a ceremony, meditation, breath work or sometimes even dreams, I find myself referring to ‘They’, recounting things like “They showed me the essence of who I really am”, “They helped me renegotiate my life contract”, “They told me to be patient,”… It’s always a THEY, but who are these Theys?

I had a flash thought: what if my life wasn’t JUST my life to be lived? What if, like the director of a movie, I’d been chosen to lead this particular lifetime, but in actuality I had a WHOLE TEAM of specialists who’d come on to this project I call ‘My Life’. Here I am trying to control every aspect of my life, when I have devoted team of specialists trying desperately to lighten my load.

It would be like a director hiring a whole set and cast, then trying to act, do wardrobe, lighting and every other job on his multi-million dollar movie. THAT WOULD BE INSANITY! And yet that’s what I/we do. Not only all that, but from where They sit there is full access to the millions of possibilities and a detached enough, ego-less perspective to choose what would ACTUALLY be best for me.

I meditated deeply on this and ’Team God’ explained that the success of my life is equally as important to their karma as it is to mine, that we’re a team, and that I’m stifling the gifts of abundance with my controlling ways.  They asked me to surrender and allow Them to help guide this beautiful life of ours.

TEAM GOD copy.png

My one concern was that while their way may be the most effective, it’s not always the most pleasant. I agreed to surrender if They promised to unfold this life with ease and grace, and lots and lots of love. They’ve agreed and I’m happy to report that my life has taken on more magic and wild fortuitous turns in the past month than I’ve ever know.

So that’s that. Guides are real. Guides are invested. Trisha says they feed off our gratitude and joy. So do more of that and ask for their help, and be sure to add this sentence to your prayers “By divine selection and divine right. With Ease and Grace. So it is.”

And so it will be.


Hayley Starr