I was never consciously in the market to ascend. If I’m being honest, I thought the whole idea seemed somewhat ungrateful. You won the golden ticket of life, now you want to go? I even found boring my most blissful experiences of oneness, on the hardest core of hallucinogens. I remember saying “I’ve spent an eternity here in oneness… get me back to Earth to play!!!”

I must have misunderstood, or indirectly asked for transcendence, because it’s happening. It has not been easy and is sometimes very scary. I have no idea where I’m headed or what will happen next… so it seems important to share with you these early stages, so you have some markers, in case you should find yourself in a similar place.

Below are some highlights, although I’m not quite sure which are my own personal experiences, and which are more universally experienced:

- It started when I lost the desire to eat meat. I had always wanted to stop, but thought it would be impossible as an O blood type. In a single moment I understood that I was not created in the vibration to eat meat, and would not be able to evolve to higher understandings as long as the frequency of rotting death was in my cells. It was then an easy choice and I simply stopped. Note: if I feel like eating meat, which is rare, I will.

- I then took a step back from the news. I remember the moment it happened: the day Trump was named the republican nominee. I thought it would be scary to be out of the loop. It wasn’t… it was liberating to no longer be bombarded by untruths.


- Next, my friendships were up for reevaluation. As a central hub for many communities, I poured endless energy into connecting and keeping on top of them all. I wondered what would happen if I stopped. The answer? Nothing. Very few reached back out.

- I then noticed that some of these friendships were actually draining, while others were enriching. Who was seeing me for who I really am? Which of them was bringing out the best in me? Who was actively living to grow and learn from experience? Who desired to know the truth. The answer: not many. These were the few I keep close as I continue my journey.

- Then society and its superficial construct was up for discussion. What that I had been taught was actually true? Regarding my potential, my limitations, what it meant to be a woman, even the shape of my physical body. My findings: nearly everything was a lie, and I was no longer willing to believe it.

- Two years ago, I started to surrender to flow. A year ago, I gave myself fully to it. Novels could be written on the subject, and have been. Find them, adopt their teachings. I have found great peace in the self-organizing truth.

- My desire for alcohol simply fell away. I’ve been incredibly sensitive to its effects, and frankly, it’s not worth the lack of clarity when the clarity feels so good.

- While plant medicines served as an activation for many revelations, I now see they also told me many lies. They had me believe that I needed them to connect to God. This may have been the biggest lie I’ve ever been told. NOTHING STANDS BETWEEN ME AND THE GOD SYSTEM. Nothing. Understand that plants have their own agenda… God does not. And yet, if I should feel like working WITH plants again, I will.

- I was warned by a teacher that if I didn’t start adhering to an intense daily practice, that things would get very hard at this stage of my life. This was the best use of a scare tactic to date! I began meditating daily and religiously.

I found that my connection and downloads in this state were pure truth; and unlike the plants, I could always trust them.

- My direct connection to the unseen world was revealed. A veil lifted, I am now able to connect to, hear, and even see the other side. I’ve learned to differentiate the voices I hear. I know now which are limiting fears and which are pure truth. It is liberating to have my own internal compass.

- My moods began to level out. I was once deeply triggered by certain people, my hormones and situations. That is quickly falling away and I’m left in a consistent state of happiness. I am still a work in progress. The only times I now stress are when I momentarily forget the perfection of the system.

- This brings me to faith in God’s plan. There is a most efficient path to enlightenment. My perspective is limited, the God System sees all. You need only faith, to hand it over, and ask for truth to be revealed. This is how I live my life.

- My attachment to outcomes is quickly melting away and being replaced by the faith described above.

- I am DEEPLY called to be in Nature, away from all the noise/air/wave/human pollution. Where I can hear/see/think/be/feel with clarity. Nature’s system is advanced and far more ancient that Humanity’s. When in doubt, we need only look to and apply Nature’s solutions.

- I am reminded to breath. Proper breathing is the key to releasing all blocks and stagnations.

- I began to incorporate a tool called Human Design. At first I didn’t resonate with it; this is because I was living out of my design. I finally decided to apply its recommendations and my life became infinitely easier.

- I have since found Gene Keys, an evolution of Human Design, created by a magical man among us named Richard Rudd. It is a beautiful and refined synthesis, which gives me a clear road map to actually transcend my shadows and limitations. I don’t know who I’d be without these two systems.

- Over the past 15 months I have begun channeling a new system based on everything I’ve learned to date. As I know firsthand, there a million paths to enlightenment, and this system will help you find yours. Most don’t have the luxury of time, trial and error. This life, I was given the gifts of creativity, fearless self-exploration, and financial security to explore and share my findings. This gift to you is still in process, and you’ll be the first to know when it's complete.

There’s so so so much more, but this is enough for the time being. Hope it helps someone!

I Love You,
Hayley Starr