They are a shitty company that make shitty and expensive products that break on purpose. They’re also shitty humans who steal others’ technologies and then wreck them to court. They have shitty ethics, and evade billions in US taxes. There’s a reason none of my awesome tech friends up north have Apple products… because they know too much, and also that the Android is a FAR superior product.

I was willing to bury my head and pretend like all this was ok to keep my life synced and simple, until this last software update. Everyone was complaining about it, so I opted not to update. A couple weeks went by, then one day right after the unveiling of the new iPhones, mine simply stopped working. No calls could be made, no texts would go out, and from one minute to the next, my home button stopped working.

HERE’S where it got creepy: I called to ask T-Mobile why my phone wasn’t working, and as if on cue, the man offered to send me a new iPhone for $1/month. I told him I was seriously considering switching to Samsung and asked how much that phone would be. $900 he said. In that brief moment, the veil lifted and I could finally see the very very dark underbelly of this giant technological beast.


What did I do?? I bit the bullet and paid $900…. For my freedom, integrity and peace of mind.

AND. THE. NOTEBOOK 8. IS. 1000. TIMES. BETTER. THAN. THE. IPHONE. for about 50 different reasons. To name just a few: the camera, the options, the apps, the layout, the shortcuts, the voice dictation, the stylus pen!!!!, the lower EMF radiation… Why is this? Because Samsung nearly went bankrupt in the recall, so they put all their technologies into one phone with the hopes of salvaging their company.

I’m not saying that Samsung is a saint, but they sure as hell are the less of two evils, and selling a waaay better product. My 2 cents.

Off the Koolaid,
Hayley Starr