It's not the women who need empowering, women are just fine, we get it... it's the men who need our help! For if a man were fully healed, he would never consider paying her less, let alone abusing her in any way. Women have Moon Circles... I wanna see some men's Sun Circles!!! (and let's do them at The Quest)

You may not know this, but thousands of years ago matriarchy was the norm. Fine for a time, but inevitably there was an uprising- men didn't feel valued or heard, so they used their force to gain control. It was their turn. #cycles be cycles.

Now it is time to lead together. This is not about saving women, this is about saving everyone... and teaching those who are lost, how to love and be loved... every last one.

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Sunday Thoughts,

Hayley Starr Keenan

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